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10/20 µl XL graduated TipOne® Filter Tip, Racks (sterile)

Nothing goes through!Protect your samples against unwanted contamination by using TipOne® filter tips. The TipOne® filter is one of the best on the market and protects against aerosol cross-contamination without trapping your valuable samples. The filters contain no additives to interfere with samples.

During pipetting it is not possible to see with the eye if fine aerosols are going into your pipette. If they are, those aerosols can contaminate other samples at a later date.

TipOne® filter tips are proven to block >99% of aerosols and are among the best filters on the market. The results, shown right, speak for themselves!

*The comparative tests were conducted in an independent test institute with filter tips from other leading manufacturers.

10/20 µl XL graduated TipOne® Filter Tip, Racks (sterile)

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